Thursday, September 27, 2012

for little dudes.

i'm back :)

things are better.
still don't know a ton, but husband is better and feeling like himself.
and that makes me better in return.
i'll fill you in at a later date. i want space between it and here.

but i have a really fun little boys room worked up for ya.

it's little boy-sy but not cute-sy.
just the way i like it.

if you want the sources for any of this good stuff, email me.
sorry i just got too lazy to include it.

but one more time, let's look at the best part:

this wallpaper kills me.
i also kinda wish i could afford to do one of my bathrooms in this luscious stuff.
i love it so much.
like vintage-african-safari-boys-club-glamping smooshed onto wallpaper.

hope you have a splendid thursday.


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