Thursday, September 13, 2012

oscar inspires.

have you ever seen a gown so lovely and amazing and gorgeous?
this is the ultimate for me.
the very dress of my dreams.

oscar de la renta. spring 2013.

i'm so in love.
i love that the white and black stripes aren't the same size.
i love the necklace with it. big. black roses and a bit of gold.
i love the cut and the lay of the stripes, and how they meet in the center.
and the full skirt.

and you know what else i kinda love with it?
that man's blue shirt and shoes.

make this into a bathroom?

sure, why not?
and although i love the colors of that chair, i wish it were a little less harsh. maybe a gilded louie with some cobalt velvet? regardless. pretty.

happy thursday!


{bathroom via elle decor.}

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