Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i still don't know what to call it.

but i'm happy to see that this color is still trending,
and this year i think it's even bigger!

what is it?

wine? maroon? burgundy? deepest darkest raspberry? ox blood? (gross, no.)

last october i professed my love for this color mixed with magenta.
it totally takes it up a notch, no?

well, h&m says you can also mix it with coral:

and jenna lyons likes it with hot pink:

i like it all 3 ways.


i never did pull the trigger and get me some david hicks, la fiorentina.
maybe its a sign i should jump on that.
{i think i'm holding out for 4 window panels worth.
but at this rate and at that price, it might be awhile ;) }

how do you feel about this color popping up everywhere?
some people i know are very opposed.
perhaps it reminds them of the last time it was cool... was that the 80s?
feels to me like it was the 80s or early early 90s.
the key to keeping it fresh is pairing it with bolder, bright colors.

to each his own, i guess.


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