Tuesday, October 8, 2013

some random good things.

today is an unloading of some of the things i think are
pretty ok.

i know hologram stuff has been around since spring.
and to be honest, i kinda wanted a small little party clutch since.

and then a few weeks ago, blair eadie
(from atlantic-pacific)
wore this skirt from milly and there it was...
i was intrigued all over again.

and then i found this clutch, also by milly.

and for a cheaper, quicker, less commitment-type of fix, you
can paint your nails in hologram, thank you chanel.

while we're on the topic of atlantic-pacific,
the other day she posted this asos sweatshirt....
and i think it would make the raddest ku game day outfit.
not actually kansas affiliated but everything works.
and it's so awesome and old-school.

and then there are the magazines.
lately, they've been pumping them out.
i'm not always a huge fan of matchbook in the past, but lately, i like it!
and then domino.
don't even get me started.
i've told everyone around me who doesn't give a-you-know-what
all about how my favorite magazine is coming back after a 4 year hiatus.

i have every issue (minus the quick fix things which i thought were silly)
and i was pumped to add another to the stack.

but domino and matchbook: 

i love the art above your barcarts.


the other day on hbo i saw this movie was about to start:

so i quit photo editing.
then laughed and cried until my face was red.

i can't believe i waited so long to see this movie.
it was truly great.
truly funny. a little gritty.
and a whole lot touching, which surprised me a bit.
i loved it.

rent it or dvr it or redbox or netflix.
whatever you gotta do.


and in less than an hour,
i get to find out which type of baby we're having.
pretty excited about that, too :)

happy tuesday.



  1. love that you're back and blogging :) and so excited about domino's return, too! i definitely have a tote i got with my subscription shortly before they stopped that i use constantly. lastly - cheers to blue or pink!

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