Friday, October 4, 2013

a great bowl of fire.

it's fire season.
and that is exactly the kind of "pit" i want in my backyard.
a big old bowl of fire.

i've had these 2 images saved on pinterest for forever:

from ablogaboutlove

and this one

from hannah maple.

the question is....
concrete or iron/steel/metal?

i prefer the metal but as you can see, it turns this
gorgeous shade of "i'm old and rusty"
and with a kid on the way, should i be bringing such traps into the back of my yard?
but are any firepits kid friendly anyway?

and so,
we peruse.

from houzz.
certainly pulls at the concrete heart strings.
but the other question is...
with kansas city deep freeze winters, will it survive out there?
or will i have to lug and then store these things inside?

you see, this is a very deep topic.

and then this one, from indulgy, says... concrete who? rust is amazing. you want me.

i wonder if this one is made of some sort of weather impervious material.
couldn't find any info on it, from stonemarket in the uk.
from planete-deco in france


from sunset magazine.
(and while youre looking.... that patio!!!)

also from sunset.

the really cool ones (like this one found on flickr)
are vintage old kettles used for who knows what.
i read some that were used for sugar?

i would love this guy in my backyard.
and at only $1200, i'll get right on it.

so the hunt continues.

what are you using to roast your marshmallows?
your stove top or microwave like i did when i was a kid? :)