Tuesday, October 15, 2013

fall nails.

those over at beautylish have decided these are what's hot for nails this fall.

and i can get behind almost every single one of them.

i have an oxblood from last past 2 years when i was (still am) obsessed with wine and magenta, and lucky for me, it's still cool.

and just the other day, when i was buying my new DOMINO!!!!!!, i also bought a dark hunter green polish on a whim. which i thought would be pretty for christmas.
lucky for me, they say that's also cool.
(cheap brand you can buy at walgreens... sorry i don't remember the name or the maker.)

and remember that holographic chanel polish from last week... still cool.

and glitter.
also pretty for the upcoming holidays, no?

what colors are you picking this season?