Friday, April 26, 2013

flowers for friday #143

in tune with yesterday's post, i am so very, very, sincerely thankful today is friday.
more than ever before, i strongly feel.

i've also come to the conclusion that i have a strong propensity to save any, and all, flowers i find on the internets (for these friday flowers posts of course) of the pink-blush-orange-coral variety.

and they especially get me when they are petally.
you know, sweet pea-peony-rose-ranunculus-full-of-petals, ruffled and petally.

i have a weakness for them in that particular combo.

and when this shade of blue is also involved,
just forget about it.

come to think of it,
i based my entire wedding around those colors, and those flowers/petals!
i told you i liked them.

and my cake was that color blue, too.

happy friday.


(these are from the 1st dibs archive. goregous)

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