Tuesday, November 27, 2012


cyber monday is hard!!

i think it might be a bigger shopping day than the day after thanksgiving.
i got a million and one emails telling me all the great deals to be had and how easy it was to do with a few clicks....
i don't shop on black friday because i don't like the hoards of masses of people. so that's easy. i just don't go.
but i found it really hard to sit at my desk and not shop for myself.
for me, not for christmas gifts. for me!

so i decided, one thing.
i'd get something small to get it out of my system.
and then sit on my hands for the whole rest of the day unless i was being selfless and buying a gift for someone else. or in fact, getting some real work done. at work, ha.

so i headed to f21.
i'm into the whole black and white stripes thing more than ever right now... remember here. and they didn't disappoint in that arena:

this faux leather was tempting...
but you have to be careful at f21. some of their stuff can look so cheap (bc it is), so this one i had to see in person.
and i haven't seen it in person, but you can get yours here.

and finally settled on this:

it was free shipping.
and the sweater itself was only like $17.

after that, i made it through the whole rest of the day without spending all of my savings account :)

did you find it as hard as i did?
online shopping is so dangerously easy.

soo, happy post-cyber-monday-tuesday.
hope you survived.

what did you get!!!??!!
i wanna hear.


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