Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a festive white russian with a twist.

hey jill. what's your favorite cocktail for this holiday season?

so glad you asked.

that would be a white russian, of course.

with cinnamon!!

usually you make em with vodka, cream (or milk in my case, and lots of other people's cases), and kahlua.

but i recently made one with kahlua's cinnamon spice flavor and
holy moly.

so damn good.

it's my official 2012 holiday cocktail.

don't you always have an official holiday cocktail?
me neither. but this year i do.

and it's this:

i do equal parts of all 3.

but there are lots of differing recipes. i know when i was a bartender
i did equal parts for ease and they always tasted delish.

make your own.
spice em up.
drink em up.
{responsibly of course.}
they're like dessert.
or the perfect night cap.

i bet if you just had plain kahlua, you could just sprinkle a little cinnamon on top.

and then go watch the big lebowski.
he prefers them, as well.


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