Friday, March 11, 2011

the blue house presents: 5thjoy

i want to give a quick introduction as we are thrilled to have our first guest post on the blue house today! we welcome abby of the very lovely and creatively written blog, 5thjoy, a blog about the sequin that makes abby's life shimmer: food, fashion, feathering the nest and whatever glinting flotsam floats her way. abby says her fifth joy is writing all of these joys down (hence the name of her blog!!)...go check them out!!! i find abby's writing is what keeps me coming back for more, and all of her beauty and skincare secrets- i need all the help i can get :)


the blue house asked 5thjoy to answer all sorts of fun questions and here is what she had to say...

favorite color combination?

Please let me pick two color combos!

Zingy tangerine’s held my imagination for some time, and it plays well with others: fuchsia, navy blue, cool grey. Frank Sinatra called it the happiest color. I’m with Blue Eyes on this one.

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I’m also mad for turquoise and red. It’s such a jolt to the eye, and screams sun-drenched vacation.

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describe your home and personal style?

They’re both in constant state of evolution, and I believe strongly in tailoring each to their location. Our home is a 1790s farmhouse, so I would never plop a white lacquered kitchen into it. I like to nod to history and geographical context while nudging in a new reference or two. On the clothes front, I’m leaning more towards investment pieces than I did a few years ago, but as you can see I’m still nursing a major costume jewelry habit. I tailor everything – especially footwear – to wherever I am at the moment, whether that’s my gravel driveway in Massachusetts or New York’s pavement

what are you obsessing about right now?

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1. Flared jeans. My ankles say, “Hallelujah! We can breathe!”

2. I recently discovered Brooks Brother’s boys button downs, and am head over heels for them.They give the men’s shirt silhouette without swamping smaller frames. And I must say, the price is right!

3. Prediction: I feel a hankering for cropped flared pants coming on. Cropped flared jeans are everywhere, but I have my eye out for a pair of slightly flared cropped pants in bright red twill.

what do u like about ur city/town?

Without a moment’s hesitation: its proximity to the ocean. The Atlantic keeps things interesting. Even on the dreariest of days, we have something to talk about. I also like the small-ness of our town. This picture is from the 1950s, and it looks pretty much the same today.

your nail polish color of the season?
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I have a coterie of out-there polish colors – we’re talking peacock teal and straight-up gold glitter – but I always end up running back to OPI’s Privacy Please and Keys to My Karma. One sheer coat of the former gives me the perfect barely-there pink manicure, and the latter is akin to wearing a sports car on your toes.

where do you want to go on your next vacation? realistic or not ;)

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How funny you should ask! I’m headed to Ireland this weekend for a leisurely two-week romp around the countryside. While I enjoy a well-pulled pint, I’m most excited to sink my teeth into a slice of their nutty brown bread. The butter is out of this world, too.

what was the last really memorable meal you had?

I recently ate at Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas. It was the kind of over the top meal one has very rarely. Pardon the iPhone pic, but do you see how the radishes next to the scallop sashimi are coated in butter of the softest green color, then individually sprinkled with sea salt?

I enjoyed every bite, but I also gladly get down and dirty at places like New York’s Meatball Shop

My very favorite meal at home is a poached egg or two with a really strong cup of Café Grumpy’s coffee.


thanks, 5thjoy, for stopping by the blue house. and if anyone else is loving abby's stylish chunky glasses as much as i am the source is moscot...the nebb model




  1. Love all of Abby's stylish picks! Orange is my favorite color and turquoise and red is another current favorite. Now I have to go raid the kitchen after seeing all that delicious temptation!!

  2. I am a huge fan of Abby and 5th Joy. She gets me thinking about how I want my dream house to feel and be (not just look)someday. Happy that she's led me here too. Great as always Abby!

  3. Abby, what a great post (the blue house is a new find for me!) Hope you enjoyed Ireland!