Friday, June 28, 2013

desert rose.

oh yes.
hi there.
i'm still here. and i can't even imagine why you'd still be stopping by... i've been such a bad, bad blogger. but i think this year and i have finally come to terms. i've been feeling so unsettled and a little restless, honestly sitting there waiting for the next shitty thing to come my way because that's how we started out! and it definitely took some time for the 2 of us to reconcile but we made it! and i think we're here on the other side!!!

i can't guarantee that i'll be back every single day, because to be honest, coming up with something earth-shatteringly awesome for you everyday was getting tougher and tougher.
perhaps that means when i am back, it's better stuff!? one can only hope :)

and this isn't even mine, but i saw it on 100layercakelet
and i thought it was so pretty.
it doesn't even have to be for a little girl.
i'd take this and make it mine!!

the only thing i might add to it is a small dose of saturated color and a few more patterns. i am still me, after all. and maybe some more pink!

and where better to find such things?
amber interior's shoppe!

this is what i'd add.

1 and 2.

and you can find all the sources from up above right here.

happy friday!!
and i'll be back in a bit with the regularly scheduled flowers.

2 posts in one day!?
i know i know, what can i say?