Friday, March 15, 2013

flowers for friday #137

happy friday, friends.

today, i can hardly even believe it myself, it's going to be 80 degrees here in sunny kc.

i'll be sitting at my desk, longing for and daydreaming about the sunshine out my window at work today. but that's ok. at least it's here.

i can't wait to share my recent purchases with you...
first we have the most sumptuous, luxurious, yellow-with-a-hint-of-mustard, gorgeous velvet. 2 yards of it. and it's already sitting atop the chair it's going to cover very shortly. i have been searching high and low for the stuff for a long while now. it's hard to purchase over the internet because you can't feel it in your hands or see the true color...and yellow can be good, but it can also be very very bad. i'm glad i held out because yesterday i stumbled upon some at my favorite discount fab store for $6.99 a yard... marked down to $3. holler.

i even snagged 8 yards of another fabric to tackle my hand-me-down wingback. finally!! and it too was only $3/yard. the luck! and even though they aren't recovered yet, my front room has finally become what i want it to be. there's more satisfaction in holding out for the perfect fits, ya know. even if i takes 3 years.

can't wait to share.
can't wait to reupholster!

i think that's what i'll be doing all weekend long if you need me.



{image via martha} 

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