Saturday, June 4, 2011

i'll send a postcard

wow. i wish i could say i was off to explore this magnificent land!! my sister-in-law shared with me this amazing hotel in cappadocia, turkey. what a true sight to see. located in the heart of cappadocia on the site of an ancient monastery in old uçhisar village, argos in cappadocia has carefully restored the remains of historical dwellings, underground tunnels and caves to offer guests not only an unsurpassed place to stay but a unique perspective from which to view this magical land.

the lava and ash which spewed from mt. erciyes, mt. hasan and mt. güllü sixty million years ago formed soft layers of rock, which were then eroded by wind and rain over millions of years to form the region of appadocia, which today charms the entire world. the locals gave this unique and magical place a nickname: the fairy chimneys. cappadocia features a unique beauty that combines nature and history. humans have used the fairy chimneys as dwellings throughout history, carving them into homes and places of worship that still bear the traces of thousands of years of civilization.

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